If it’s something a little different you’re wanting in your wine glass, the McW Alternis range by McWilliam’s will provide a unique alternative to tempt your taste buds.

Already an award-winning range – claiming three trophies and 38 medals at wine shows around Australia in 2018 – Alternis features a Vermentino, Touriga, Petite Sirah, Tempranillo and Nero D’Avola, with each varietal selected for its elegance, food friendly style and flavour profile.

McW Chief Winemaker Andrew Higgins has developed the Alternis range with dining experiences in mind, alongside “great drinkability”.

“These varietals are all renowned as fantastic food wines and they really do excel in this area.” Andrew Higgins, Chief Winemaker

“They also offer a great summer red drinking opportunity in the case of the Tempranillo and Touriga, which offers more occasions to enjoy them.

“Our Alternis range is quite unique as it stands out enough for those who are looking for something different, but not so much that it’s unapproachable to casual or new wine drinkers.”

Part of the appeal of the new range is that they are so different from other wines on the market.

“Touriga and Tempranillo are quite unique wines,” Higgo said.

“Casual drinkers should be attracted to them due to a great looking package, but they’re great wines and suitable to a range of cuisines.”